Equip Ministry Resources is a family owned and operated company and we like it that way. It means that when you write us, call us, or place an order with us, we take it personally. We're not busily trying to shuffle your order through without attention to detail. We won't pass up the opportunity to offer you helpful information when you ask for assistance. We're not too busy to answer your questions.

Equip was founded in 1978, as a studio devoted to typesetting art and design jobs for local print houses. We still do work like that on occasion, for a few special customers - but over the years we've become specialized to deal with the needs of growing churches more than anything else.

We began with our home church in Southfield, Michigan. It occurred to us that there had to be a better way to greet our church's visitors than what we saw. The Visitor Welcome Packet was born of that idea - that we could impress our church's visitors, inform them of what the church stood for, and learn important information about them for follow-up. People began to comment that the folder was handsome, and not something they're likely to 'lose' soon after leaving the church doors.

By word of mouth local contacts and the Internet, our business with churches has continually grown. We have customers all across North America, in the United States and in Canada. We advertise both in print media and on the Internet, and our prospects for serving God's church continue to grow.

Typically, churches seem to be years behind popular technology but this cannot be the rule. Churches must reach out to the world in ways that people will understand and relate to. This may mean stepping out of our comfort zones but it is the only way the church will have a lasting impact on the world. Christ came into this world for those who were lost and hurting, not those who felt they were already good enough for Him. He ministered in the city streets, on the hillsides and in the homes of normal people. He didn’t expect the people to come find him in the synagogue. If we continue expecting the world to learn our customs and learn our ways before sharing the message of Christ with them, we will completely miss the mark. It is the responsibility of the church to go where the need is and present the gospel to people using tools, methods and a language they can understand and relate to.

We're glad you've decided to visit us, and took the time to learn more about our personal goals for serving God's church. We look forward to getting to know you and your needs better, and to serving you with the very best of our ability.

Mel and Justin Broome
Equip Ministry Resources