Ready to find out exactly what it’s like to be a guest at your church? Our Secret Shopping Experience is the ultimate evaluation of everything a guest sees, hears, smells and experiences at your church.

Our Secret Shopper Experience is the absolute best way to evaluate your church and develop a plan for building a successful, healthy Guest Ministry.

The Secret Shopper Experience includes:

  1. We travel to your city for a weekend and secretly visit your church as a new guest.
  2. We evaluate the entire experience from web presence all the way through post-visit follow up.
  3. While on site we evaluate the church property (inside and out)
  4. Church service evaluation (worship, preaching, technology, guest-friendliness, etc.)
  5. Kids ministry evaluation (safety, security, cleanliness, general appeal)
  6. Interaction with volunteers and anything we observe related to volunteers and staff.
  7. Interaction between other church members
  8. We evaluate your post-visit follow up process
  9. Either on that Sunday afternoon or Monday morning before leaving we meet with staff/leadership to give basic first impressions of the experience at your church
  10. Within 3 weeks we provide a written report about the experience. Report includes pictures from the visit, explanations of what we experienced and also praise where due and recommendations (Including volunteer role descriptions) for your church
  11. After giving you the report we provide a video conference call to answer questions and help guide you forward in your guest ministry.


When you receive your report, you should have everything you need to build a healthy, successful Guest Ministry that is positioned to help your church grow.

The cost for this service varies based on the number of campuses, services, average weekly attendance and travel costs. Please contact us for more information.